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How Did I Live Without Hoof Wraps?

IMG_3125Ages ago a friend lent me a really clever bit of velcro and webbing material to put on over a hoof dressing. The idea being that you could then turn the horse out as normal even when it has an abscess you don’t want to get dirt in. We loved this device, but sadly it was old, and well used, and eventually as all thing associated with horses do, it fell apart. They didn’t know where it was from, or what it was called, and none of us could find it again.

The my horse got an abscess, and I restarted my web searching for it. And finally, I found it! The Hoof Wrap.

Obviously I bought one instantly (I got mine from VioVet). Then I wondered if it really was as good as I remembered.

They have a 1/2 inch eva foam pad in them, and are designed for turnout, which all seems too good to be true. So I poulticed up the foot, vetwrap, duct tape and all, then put the Hoof Wrap over the top. , put the horse in the field, and crossed my fingers.

After being out overnight, it's still in place.

After being out overnight, it’s still in place.

She was thrilled to be free after 5 days of being cooped up. There was trotting. And cantering. And rolling. I held my breath. The Hoof Wrap stayed put. The following day, it had twisted slightly, but was still in place with the poultice and duct tape still totally intact. We can’t even manage that in a stable normally, no matter how much I use, it wears through at the toe.

So I wasn’t mis-remembering, this product is a must-have in the first aid kit for me. A total sanity-saver.

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