How Did I Live Without

How Did I live without Mane & Tail conditioner

Seriously it’s a simple tip but one I can’t live without when ensuring my horse is smartly turned out for events. If I remember rightly I first got told this method when riding a show pony for a professional producer in non showing events, I have since followed the same routine as it just makes sense. It is also very handy for horses with pathetically thin tails as gives them the opportunity to thicken up.

So I hear you asking there is nothing new about using mane & tail conditioner for smart turnout, but it comes down to when and how you use it that makes the difference.

Personally I never brush my horse’s tail except for the day before an event. Before brushing I liberally spray the tail top to bottom with mane & tail conditioner and then brush through with either a plastic curry comb or one of those fancy new tail brushes that look like a human hair brush. The mane & conditioner helps work out the knots far quicker and prevents you pulling out too much hair which is especially beneficial for horses with thin tails naturally. If necessary I will spray further during brushing to ensure the knots just ‘fall out’

Alternatively if you cannot cope with the prospect of not brushing the tail every day make sure every time you do, you again liberally apply the conditioner. You will also find if doing it daily that far less mud and dirt gets stuck in the tail keeping it cleaner so double bonus.

So yes essentially never brush a tail without spraying lots of mane & tail first, you will soon see the results especially from the lack of broken hairs that will gather in your brush!

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